Latrobe Chapel, circa 1886

History lovers and creators of memories, this boutique village chapel is awaiting your wedding. Set in a bygone era of olde Victorian times it is the ideal venue for lovers of all ages, with an atmosphere of pure whimsy, chandeliers and flowers, uniquely traditional, in all its historic beauty. Declare your vows and exchange rings in the surrounds of a timeless setting, with the comfort of modern amenities. Be a part of Latrobe Chapel's history.

is a Heritage listed Church available for Civil & Religious Weddings

Julien & Virginia

Julien & Virginia were the very first couple to be married at Latrobe Chapel since its restoration in 2005.


Julien & Virginia proudly announce the birth and official Naming at Latrobe Chapel in April, of their twin girls Ophelie Rose named after their father’s grandmother in France and Lillian Gwendolyn named after their mother’s grandmother.

What has been happening in Julien & Virginia's lives since the twins arrived? Well they have a new babe, a baby daughter,
Born on the 18th November, at Tugun Gold Coast, called Mietta Ruby Rovira and as the parents godparents and guests all joined in, her twin older sisters sprinkled petals over her. It was just the happiest and prettiest welcoming and blessing of a baby.
On the 10th July. It came with a sad note as Julien told of a new work appointment in the French section of Switzerland, so although they will be moving far far away, it will be Virginia's turn to travel to see family back home. This is not the ending to this story I definitely saw two sons in the future for this couple, although Julien was thinking his 3 girls were enough for now. With love we wish them joy in Switzerland.

"Hi Rachael, Thanks for everything. Everyone agreed that Sunday was a huge success!  Hope you like the photo. 
Virginia and Julien."




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